·  Energizing Blend scalp massage stimulates and oxygenates the scalp with sweet almond, mint, eucalyptus, menta, thyme, rosemary and tea-tree essential oils.

·  Energizing Shampoo rebalances and promotes cell regeneration with rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender .

·  Warm Hydrating Conditioning treatment hydrates and restructures with arnica, lavender, valerian, camellia essential oils, and yoghurt.  

·  Avocado Oil hand massage deeply moisturizes.   $13

YES!!!!  Every Saturday is Mimosa Saturday at Salon Méche.

There are some things to consider when preparing for a formal hair and makeup session or a photo session. The following list will ensure that you look your absolute best.

At least a couple days prior, you should...


  1.     hydrate-drink plenty of water, avoid sodas and sugary drinks as well as alcohol
  2.     exfoliate
  3.     moisturize
  4.     be well rested
  5.     eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegies as well as healthy proteins (salmon and asparagus are great choices)
  6.     If formal hair styling is on the agenda, show up with TOTALLY CLEAN AND TOTALLY DRY HAIR.





Congratulations on being accepted as a hair model at Salon Méche!  We are continually acquiring new skills, perfecting and refining color and cutting techniques. Our stylists are professional, and licensed.  All sessions are under the supervision of a MASTER STYLIST so you will be sure to love your finished look!


  •     Models must arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.
  •     Models must arrive with clean dry hair.
  •     Models must be available for the entire session time. The length of time will vary depending on our needs for the particular technique. We will give you an approximate time frame.
  •     Models must be open to some change of style which will be discussed and agreed on prior to scheduled session time.
  •     We will consider your hair's condition, length, texture when determining if your hair is appropriate for our cutting and color makeovers.
  •     You must be at least 18 yrs of age to be a hair model for Salon Méche.
  •     Models must come alone to the session as space is limited.



Stylist and makeup artist Amina Keenan demonstrates taking makeup from day to evening out.  At Salon Méche, we specialize in flawless, hand applied makeup applications, because we have a passion for making you GORGEOUS!

It is so very important that we never underestimate how our appearance affects how others perceive us in the workplace. A professional dress code and a more polished look is making a comeback!  (Ask anyone who is successful in their profession and they will tell you it never really left).


People will take you more seriously and have more confidence in your abilities when it is evident that you put some time and effort into your hair and makeup.


(And by the way......, when your hair color and cut is sharp and up to date, minimal but carefully applied makeup will be more than sufficient.)


Others will have more trust in you when you looked pulled together. It's hard to be taken seriously if you have a just rolled out of bed appearance. We would like to be judged solely on our performance, but others won't have confidence in you if you look like a slacker.


You want your looks to reflect what you are capable of...where you are or where you are going.


Show your bosses, your co-workers, your clients and your potential customers that you have what it takes to get the job make a difference in whatever you are involved in!


Feeling polished, pulled together and pretty makes you feel better about yourself also. If you don't make yourself a priority, no one else will.


Time to fix whatever is wrong with your haircut and color. Why wait? Be Gorgeous NOW.


 Do you realize that the kind of shampoo you use will directly affect the general health, vibrancy, and style-ability of your hair?


 Hair requires a slightly acidic environment in order to maintain a closed cuticle which will;

hold in the hair’s natural moisture,

give the hair more body and bounce,

enable the hair to be more responsive to shaping by hot tools,

cause the hair to be more light-reflective (shine), and

tangle less by keeping surface cuticle layer closed.


 We provide organic acid balanced, shampoos and conditioners guaranteed to support your new color and cut.


 At Salon Méche we love to educate our clients on the importance of proper take-home products. The products we recommend support the integrity and longevity of hair color and smoothing treatments.


<< New text box >>Your curls have been with you from the have always been able to depend on them being there.  They bravely put up with being pulled back away from your face and forced into a ponytail, as if you were ashamed of them. More than a couple times they've even brushed a tear from your eye and you hardly even noticed. Never once have they complained. Your curls have been waiting for you to realize that they are a huge part of what makes you wonderfully unique and beautiful. They are so willing to forgive you. Curls just want to be appreciated and taken care of, and yes, even shown off. Could this be the day that you finally come around?

* Curls require special cutting and styling techniques - we can do that. We love your curly hair. Salon Méche has the right products and the right advice for you and your curls.

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